What is going on with Phatcomics ?

I have a new comic that I cannot get finished. Since finishing book 2 of Monsters, i’ve dried up.

It’s really difficult getting anything finished. I still love comics, but this is the first time in 12 years where it’s not happening.

So for the moment i’m going to post sketchbook stuff, and it’s development.

I will also try to complete Tracks, as it’s a good story.

Hopefully in a couple of months I will be starting Monsters 3, and it will all flow again.

For the moment it’s good to take a few side routes.

If anyone is reading this and are worrying about there own  creative stall.


Take time out, you will be better for it when you start again.


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Sketchbook pages

The past couple of months have been short on creative activity. A combination of convention and day job commitments have eaten up the time. To keep my hand in i’ve been using sketchbooks a lot more. Below are some recent page drawn during the trip to Angouleme. There is a lot of condensing ideas and scenery. I’m looking forward to working these up to finished pieces.


Ang1 3 2 4