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I have been active with a lot of sketchbook action recently. Usually posted via my phone during my day  lunch break.

So here are few better scans of a few of them. I don’t have a lot of time to make these drawings. Normally I would make the sketch during my journey into work. I have learnt to go with the wobbly train line, and draw straight into my sketchbook with a pen. I will then colour them in during my lunch, posting via Instagram with some pithy text. I would like to spend more time making these drawing more refined. But it never happens. Hey!  That’s what sketchbooks are for.

update 4 Update-2 Updat 3 Update 1

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My recent comic Rain On Glass (BUY IT HERE ) was reviewed on the ever excellent MOMBcast. Thank you for that.

I have uploaded a FREE pdf that combines my napkin sketches. This was a brief fad that happened over the winter months.
Now that has ended and been documented, i’m now adding colour to my daily sketches. Above is one of theme, Scrap face.

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