A project that keeps growing but never seems to progress. The problems started when I decided to write a treatment and pitch it to prospective publishers. I lost focus with regards to the story I was trying to tell. Now there are to many threads, it’s become a closed loop. The original idea was to write about my teen years in Nuneaton, about the tiny group of friends that were into rock music and the scene that surrounded that. Then the ideas started to flow, man it’s gone all over the shop. I think I had reached the point of ancient earth power affecting the population through millennia that it was time to have a break. Although …
That is the wonderful thing about using cartooning for story telling. Endless, flexible possibilities.
So I’m back again, Black Leather.
A simpler approach is to return to writing about a comic that I’m trying to write and let that process take over. When I read about how David Lynch would splice projects together to make a whole film, I thought that would be interesting to try with comic making.
Stories within stories, cut up but consistent narratives, etc.

Anyway, it’s the weekend an no one will be reading this. Have some pictures instead.






Another sketchbook illo. With watercolour. I did a lot of how to… Study of watercolour during the study years. Despite all this input my technique is mainly colour roughly around the lines. It’s a great material and really brings line to life. Despite many different processes, I seemed to have.been reducing my work down to line, and very little black. But I haven’t reduced the number of lines in a drawing, a skill that I am always in awe of.
Coffee waffle. I’m not sure anyone reads this stuff, certainly without falling asleep.

This image was inspired by tube carriage mascara application, bleeding gum adverts, and the callous attitude of Humans to animals.


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Okay, so another attempt to breath life into this blog. Here are a couple of sketchbook drawings. Sketchbooks are really important part of my practise. I have to be drawing every day. A lot of this involves really bad drawing. But that’s not a worry. Mistakes are good, bad drawing is instructive. Drawing while travelling to work presents it’s own difficulties, wobbly surface, squeezed for space, models moving on there way. How thoughtless ! So over the years I have mainly drawn direct, show mistakes, going with whatever is happening with the brain/hand action. Not sure if this has led me into a direction that is more compromise and acceptance ( Of my limits ) or has opened up a keenly observed shorthand.



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I have been active with a lot of sketchbook action recently. Usually posted via my phone during my day  lunch break.

So here are few better scans of a few of them. I don’t have a lot of time to make these drawings. Normally I would make the sketch during my journey into work. I have learnt to go with the wobbly train line, and draw straight into my sketchbook with a pen. I will then colour them in during my lunch, posting via Instagram with some pithy text. I would like to spend more time making these drawing more refined. But it never happens. Hey!  That’s what sketchbooks are for.

update 4 Update-2 Updat 3 Update 1

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