This is a quick update for everyone who has added me and commented on this blog during the past couple of years.


It has been massively appreciated. The support has gotten me through some very difficult creative slumps. A mix of reasons has meant me not being massively active here.

Or on YOUR blog.

I realise this is really poor on my part.

This is going to change. I have a few projects on the way, and I will be posting news, sketches, process etc.
There will be less personal stuff, as I have my very own troll ( Hello Tracy, I can see you ;/).

So here’s to making this a productive space.

Thank you for reading, and thanks for your involvement.



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A review of an anthology that I have a strip in.

From Andy Oliver – Broken Frontier.

The niggling night terrors of 40 creators bubble balefully to the surface in Keara Stewart’s unsettling anthology collection mixing comic strips and single illustrations to bring to disturbing life the dreams and nightmares of an astonishing assortment of artistic voices. Within the pages of this often haunting book you’ll find work from some of the most acclaimed graphic novelists in current UK comics


( A section of ‘Dreams Less Sweet’)

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Here is a few sketches for a t-shirt design.

The final sketches were not used, but I like these prep drawings.

T - sketch



Below is the finished design. A combination of Zombie Rocky Horror walk, Crouch End clock tower and Crouch End Festival.

If you are around N8 during June, drop by and check out some of the events.

There is also CECAF, which is an awesome cartoon event. Would be great to see you there.

T -Shirt



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I have a new comic available called Tracks. It is similar in theme to my previous outings, Rain on Glass, Same Day return etc.

It’s 32 pages and will sell for £4.

There is no longer an online store to purchase these. So to buy a copy it’s either con appearances or hopefully Gosh and Orbital.

It will be debuting at the Alternative Press takeover. I will be in exhibiting,

sharing a table with Francesca.

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A Bit of Undigested Potato

I have a page in this Anthology, curated by Keara Stewart.

It will be debuting at the Alternative Press takeover. I will be in attendance,

sharing a table with Francesca.

Here is an interview with Keara.

A list of contributors.

The full list of contributors to A Bit of Undigested Potato is: Alex Potts / Abraham Mann / Andy Poyiadgi / Annabel Dover / Cathy Lomax / Corinna Spencer / Danny Noble / David Robertson / EdieOP / Ella Dawson / Elizabeth Querstret / Francesca Cassavetti / Gareth Brookes / John Riordan / Justyna Burzynska / Karen Rubins / Karrie Fransman / Keara Stewart / Kelly Froh / Kim Clements / Martin Eden / Mary Blomley / Matilda Tristram / Mike Medaglia / Nick Soucek / Paul Shinn / Pete Hindle / Rachael Ball / Richy K. Chandler / Robert Wells / Rozi Hathaway / Ruth Collingwood / Sally-Anne Hickman / Sean Azzopardi / Steven J Harris / Tim Bird / Tom Ryling / Una / Viviane Schwarz / Wallis Eates

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