I have returned to life drawing after too long away. I go to drop in classes at The Candid gallery. Drawing from life is so important. To spend a period of time actually studying an object, a person. Anything that is in the real world. get those observational muscles working. I have also started to supplement the life drawing with actually studying anatomy and developing my gesture skills. It’s slow going, but a combination of these activities has already had a positive effect on my drawing.

Hopefully this will help loosen up my figure work in my comics.

here are a few drawings from recent classes, and examples of gesture drawing. I uses Posemaniacs, and for deeper study i use Proko, who has an excellent set of videos.

If you feel as though something is missing from your work, give life drawing a go.

I think you will notice the improvement in your work.

ld3 LD2 LD1 LD 4

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This is a quick update for everyone who has added me and commented on this blog during the past couple of years.


It has been massively appreciated. The support has gotten me through some very difficult creative slumps. A mix of reasons has meant me not being massively active here.

Or on YOUR blog.

I realise this is really poor on my part.

This is going to change. I have a few projects on the way, and I will be posting news, sketches, process etc.
There will be less personal stuff, as I have my very own troll ( Hello Tracy, I can see you ;/).

So here’s to making this a productive space.

Thank you for reading, and thanks for your involvement.



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