I have returned to life drawing after too long away. I go to drop in classes at The Candid gallery. Drawing from life is so important. To spend a period of time actually studying an object, a person. Anything that is in the real world. get those observational muscles working. I have also started to supplement the life drawing with actually studying anatomy and developing my gesture skills. It’s slow going, but a combination of these activities has already had a positive effect on my drawing.

Hopefully this will help loosen up my figure work in my comics.

here are a few drawings from recent classes, and examples of gesture drawing. I uses Posemaniacs, and for deeper study i use Proko, who has an excellent set of videos.

If you feel as though something is missing from your work, give life drawing a go.

I think you will notice the improvement in your work.

ld3 LD2 LD1 LD 4

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