Excuse the lack of recent posting. I’ve been struck down with some virus lurgee, and have felt

too lethargic to do anything creative, social.

To get me started when I feel powered up, what would you like to see more of on this blog.

Or what new subjects, materials would you like to see me grapple with.


look forward to reading any responses.

Back to lying under the duvet.



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This is a sketch of myself and Oliver lambden at the end of Angouleme 2014. It was a present from my extremely talented friend Aimée. We met at Stripdagen (Haarlem) in 2006. It was great to meet up again. I spent a bit of time watching her screen printing ( pics below ). Check out Aimée’s website, some lovely work. Hopefully it wont be so long before we meet again :)





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First draft for the first issue of Black Leather. I have decided to just do this, and worry about it later. Despite all the prep work, this feels as though it is going to spiral off somewhere unexpected, which will be a GREAT thing to happen. The fear factor of stepping away from my personal work is strong, all the more reason to do this. More soon…

This will probably be published on line.
Just got to figure it out.

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