I love this event. The organisers are so friendly, the event reflects this. I have been to quite a few now, and the response from people has always been so positive. This year I had to leave on the Sunday, day job commitment prevent me from completing the event. Still i had a great time, I arrived a few days early and got my sight seeing in before the event.

Rather than list all the things that happened I just want to say a big thank you to the organisers for asking me back. We first met in Bristol 2008, when Malta Comic Con was just an idea. Chris LG, Chris M, Fabio  talked about it, sounded good to me.

Now 6 years on they have an established convention, that attracts an international cast of exhibitors, audience, politicians, media etc.

Quite a scene.

I really needed a lift after recent conventions, a gradual slide can be read about in the previous Leeds TB post.

The commerce part of this years  Malta was on par with the year as whole for me. But I was less troubled about this, and took time out to look around at the event, and to see what it meant for the local people as exhibitors and audience.

There was a lot more than just comics, reminding me again what a tiny sliver of nerd culture I occupy. ( Middle age black and white navel gazing self publishing, anyone ?). There was a games room, packed all weekend, Cosplay competitions massively subscribed, table top gaming, workshops films etc.

Basically, it wasn’t about me.

I like this thought.

Making comics, attending conventions has become a linear thought process for me. How well did I sell How far am I progressing. This weekend was so much fun,  was reminded once again that wherever I travel cartoonist are a great bunch of people. The Malta crew are fans/creators and know what is needed to host a party. Friday was a meet and greet, wine canapés, introductions catching up with old friends. Saturday was Karaoke and late drinking. So many good conversations and laughs.

As  I said earlier, this is a general overview of my trip to Malta, click around the interweb can read more about it.

Sunday was a real downer, knowing that I had to leave in the afternoon, that there was unfinished business. I was supposed to be on a panel, but I bailed out,  a lame excuse about getting to the airport.

Like Leeds TB this felt like an event that was confident in it’s abilities. MCC is a brilliant event run by the lovely, amazing people. I thank you for looking after me and making me part of your experiences.

You’re the best :)

Here is a bunch of photos from my trip.

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It was a great weekend. Thought Bubble has developed into the best event in the Uk for comics. The organisation, atmosphere, guest and  general comicky goodness was stellar. Thanks to everyone involved for a great experience. Hopefully I will get the chance to exhibit next year.

I wanted to get the praise in first, because I need to blog a bit about my personal experience. This has nothing to do with the con, as I say personal stuff.  I had a terrible weekend for sales. Saturday was £60, Sunday was £5. That’s right, a fiver. I have suspected that my days as a self publisher, sales person were coming to a close, and recent events are repeating the same results.

I no longer sell.

There was new comics for Thought Bubble, prints. I even went to the trouble of building a display. I painted some watercolours to lure people in, engaged in conversation, hardly left my table. But the old magic has faded, i’m afraid.

It was a long journey home, and this morning was still quite painful. I’ve never packed away a table early on the second day, like 2pm early.

I don’t know what to do at the mo’.

I have Malta, then Angouleme. I have a new comic that is almost ready. But i’m starting to feel really self conscious and slightly embarrassed about it all. I suddenly feel out of place, date with everything. Maybe i’m too self reliant. Maybe I have become part of the furniture.

( Anyone that knows me this is just honest reflection, not a plea for sympathy )

I think my mechanical skills ( Drawing, writing ) have really improved. This is not an issue.

But the rest of it suddenly seems a bit, I dunno.

Stale perhaps.

Anyway, here is a page from the comic I didn’t get finished for Leeds. This will be finished, then it’s time to try something new.

Thanks for reading :)

Tracks spread


Following on from todays blog post, I’ve closed the Phatcomics shop.

Since its grand opening over a year ago, I’ve sold 6 things.

Despite the support from very generous people who retweeted, liked and have

highlighted posts and been amazing, this has failed.


My recent attempt to flog off stuff to pay for convention extras elicited no sales.

The listing fees are not even covered by sales.

That’s £1 a month.

So time to close the door and hang the closed sign.

Goodbye Phatcomics shop.


( This is not a self pity post. Anyone who reads this blog knows I like to list both failures and success.

Hopefully it will inspire somehow )


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It’s been a while without and update.

The Lakes festival  is this weekend.  Sadly I wont be there. But I’ve taken part.

There is a window trail, and I’ve contributed something.

I traveled to Kendal Last week to draw all over the windows of The Staff Of Life.

The original idea was to make a cardboard display similar to the once presented at  the Crouch End Festival.


But space dictated drawing on the glass.

Here is me in action.

The finished window.

( Pics vis Sarah Wood – trail organiser )

If you are at the Lakes, please check it out. There is a vote for best window, not that I’m suggesting anything …

Talking of votes, The British Comic Awards have published the long list of nominees.

Me and Daniel are on there for issues 4 and 5 of Necessary Monsters.

We also feature again in Score and Script, John Miers  amazingly original anthology.

( I didn’t nominate myself , so feel okay about mentioning it )

Ahh, Necessary Monsters. What is happening. Well it’s being prepped for print. I know that.

In fact , at the moment that is all that I know.

So what is happening for the rest off the year? Well I’m organising a comic event.

The front page of my blog has all the details.

It’s a one day event in Crouch End, North London. I will post more regular details soon. But if anyone wants to check it out,

go here.

Fingers crossed I will have a new comic out before the end of this year.

It’s called TRACKS, and it is in a similar  vein to Rain on Glass and Same Day Return.

I’m enjoying this one, but it’s taking a while.

I also have a new sketchbook.

So where will I will be  exhibiting for the rest this year ?

My schedule is CECAF, Thought Bubble and finally Malta.

—- That’s the admin. Stop reading if you want to avoid (pleasant) introspection.—-

It’s been a busy year, but light on convention appearances. So much so that people have asked me if I’ve given up.

I find this mildly interesting. Due to restrictions of phone usage at my day job ( Plus no access to computer ), my online activity has dwindled.

Aligned with wanting a break from over 10 years of fevered convention activity, I guess I’ve slowly faded.

But it’s also refreshing.

I don’t have the energy to constantly promote myself.

My comics are very, VERY low volume sellers.

My shop, despite being kept up to date is dust covered . So much so i’m thinking of deleting it.

Conventions are my thing. I can sell stuff, and meet people. My online activity has fallen over.

I’m in good place with my comic making, really enjoying it. In fact REALLY enjoying the experience of being able to do stuff that

seemed out of reach even five years ago.

The moment I decided to stop whingeing about my work and it’s value, was the moment things


Switch off the internet.

Step back and have a look around.

Better stop now, I feel dizzy :)

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