Batman 2006 rambling nonsense

Barrel scraping time. I’ve run out of recent sketchbook material, blog stories. the well is dry. I’m currently working on Necessary Monsters 2.2 and this is taking up all of the time. This blog image is from 2006 which seems like a lifetime ago. Six years, so much has happened in that time with my creative stuff. A lot of the angst laden self-doubt of this time has now dissipated. There is always questioning moments, why, what etc, that is part of the process. I’m nearly 46 so it’s reasonable to assume that a blinding talent that will sweep me to the to the very summit of comics alongside all creative geniuses, may not be arriving. Over this six-year period has been a growth in UK comics. There is a lot of talent. A lot of amazing talent, actually. It’s inspiring, but also daunting. My work seems suddenly very old. I’m amazed at the speed at which this has happened. Should it matter. Maybe the tear everything up and start from zero moment has arrived. Adopt a new online persona and start posting new work. All of these thoughts have been and gone over recent years. But there is something in Same Day Return that excites my art brain. I’ve been working towards this kind of story telling and there is a little of where to travel next in here.

Rambling away now I realise it’s time to go to the day job.

Summery. To late to chase, just keep making.

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Sean Azzopardi

I am a London-based cartoonist and illustrator.

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